Privacy Policy is preoccupied with the aims of proffering adequate protection for your privacy needs. We have affirmed the habit of knowing and understanding the need to secure your information as it deemed fit for our progress. We always try to collect information when you visit our website. Giving us your information is very crucial to us because it is our duty to protect your information adequately and hence, to understand the method of collecting the information, the reason we collect the information, and finally the way it can be changed and harnessed.

These terms of use are only trying to protect our website when you visit If there are sites that are attached to our website these terms are not protecting them, therefore it is only deemed fit to protect only domain.

It is possible to create new features and update information on our website. When there is a change in these terms of use, we shall notify and update you with new features that are created for serving you better. The core aim of these terms of use is to create awareness for collecting any of your information with your consent and approval.

Personal Information:

We have designed a page where our visitors will be asked to insert their information so that they will be able to receive our services which comprise: reports, newsletters and many other services. During this process all the information given will be collected including email, addresses and phone numbers. To ensure accuracy, we urge you to insert your accurate information. Therefore, if you are going to buy our products we will require your credit card, phone number and billing address to serve you better.

How The Information Are Used:

Prior to your registration on our website, and having inserted your name and email address, we will collect your data and start sending you our newsletters in your email address, promotions and other updates that are related to our It is in our discretion not to give out your information to a third party, as the information will help in our accountability priorities and customer service custody that is solely preserved in our database. In the definite future, we may allow partners into hence; they don’t have the right to your information. You have every right to unsubscribe from receiving our articles/ newsletters whenever it is necessary.

From time to time, we may decide to give out surveys and questionnaires in order to serve you better. Eventually you are selected in this section, which could be through email or any other avenue. All the information released within the time will be protected, and will hence treat as essential information that requires privacy.

Personal Identifiable Information: doesn’t share individual identifiable data with third parties devoid of your consent. as its case may be, could decide to partner with individuals and companies who may in one way or the other give adherence to our products and services direct to their present clients, and customers, list of mailing members, as well as guests. These organizations or companies will therefore proffer our products and services with their exact name, and when you have decided to use or sign up our products or services with our company associates name, it may result in sharing individual identifiable data with the partnership company.

Therefore, we will not give out any information that is collected or received from you to external bodies. We can only make use of the information hence for the smooth running of the services of

Information of Credit/Debit Card:

We do not ask your Credit/Debit Card Numbers, all transactions are done through secure payment gateway Instamojo.


For the meantime, is not operating with cookies but in the near future we shall commence the use of cookies. It is used so that you will not always be able to insert your password or username any time you are visiting our website. Cookies will not be used for collecting more information from you. It is in your discretion to accept or not to accept our cookies.

IP Address: does not join together with personal information and IP address. Our site makes use of IP addresses in order to give analysis of trends, user tracking movements and information on demographics.

The Future And What We Should Know: is very much concerned about your privacy. Eventually is obtained through another organization. Every information and assets will therefore be given to the company that acquired Eventually it happens; the new policies can as well take precedence over these terms and conditions and privacy policy.

After Online Delivery of product, if any issue arises i.e. Number of records or anything else, customer should inform us within 7 days of buying the product.


Adequate measures for the protection of your information are important to us. Submitting information to is great assurance of protection within the online and offline platform.

Any information collected from you whether credit card or debit card, there is every tendency that it will be adequately protected, and it is always encrypted as well as transmitted to us in a protected way. This can be verified by looking into the lock icon within your web browser or (looking into the “https”) located in the beginning of the web address.

The reason we make use of encryption in our platform is in order to have your sensitive data protected online when it is given to us, and we also deemed fit to protect your offline data. It is only the workers that can have access to your information for accurate duty performance according to their designated work for serving you better. All of our working systems are kept and protected for good use and in a secured environment, therefore your personal information is adequately protected. data are primarily collected from various internet resources and governmental websites.

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